Within the framework of the Research Project “The Challenge of Global Cybersecurity from an International-legal Perspective” awarded by the National Research Agency, an International Conference will be organized in Granada on 16-17 September 2021.

Cybersecurity is an international public good. In this sense, the initial approach from legal literature to cybersecurity has taken place in relation to collective security. However, the pervasiveness of many malicious cyber activities with legal-international relevance makes it necessary to carry out an in-depth examination of this phenomenon.

This Conference is also supported by the Research Excelency Unit “Sociedad Digital: Seguridad y Protección de Derechos” (SD2), University of Granada.

The aim is to put together an array of first-level keynote speakers that will deal with the most cutting-edge issues regarding cybersecurity. Some of those key note speakers have already confirmed their participation: Prof. Bannelier (Univ. Grenoble), Prof. Christakis (Univ. Grenoble), Prof. Kettemann (Frankfurt Univ.), Prof. Shackelford (Indiana Univ.), and Prof. Tsagourias (Univ. of Sheffield).

Moreover, a call for papers will be organized so as to allow researches in the field from all over the world to introduce their current work on this area.

There would be two main sessions:

  • The first session will be devoted to cross-cutting issues such as jurisdiction, responsibility, or due diligence, among other.
  • The second session will deal with responses to cyber threats nowadays existing in the web, ranging from cyberwar to cybercrime, cyberterrorism and cyber espionage.