International Conference "International Security in Cyberspace"

Granada, 30 November - 1 December 2023


Call for papers

I. Conference Content

Within the framework of the Research Project “Public regulation of security in cyberspace” awarded by the National Research Agency, an International Conference will be organized in Granada on 30 November – 1 December 2023. The Conference theme will be “International Security in Cyberspace”. The two main sessions will cover, respectively, cross-cutting issues and sectorial issues regarding cybersecurity.

Even if the full applicability of international law to cyberspace is assumed, there are many remaining issues as regards the international law rules that may be invoked to fight against malicious cyber operations. First of all, the prohibition of the use of force and the ensuing right to self-defense against armed attacks is the main legal construct used by international lawyers in this field. However, fortunately, there are other less dramatic scenarios in need of solutions, like information operations, where the principle of non-intervention has been invoked from many quarters. Likewise, the sovereignty principle is the object of an intense debate, as its application as a primary rule of international law may engage the international responsibility of States oftentimes. Certainly, recourse to countermeasures is the main option for States that are negatively affected by cyber-attacks. But, even if it is a justified form of reaction in International Law, it is not less problematic from an international-legal point of view. This is why other responses vis a vis cyber-attacks are being investigated, such as the due diligence obligation and the state of necessity. Of course, as certain private actors have a preeminent role in cyberspace, State responsibility and attribution of international wrongful acts continue to pose a huge challenge to international law. Therefore, the issue of attribution in cyberspace is a legal task that still needs more elaboration from the international legal discipline to offer practical solutions to States.

On the other hand, the ever-growing problem of cyber-attacks, and responses thereto, will give way to several sectorial concerns. Among them, there are the issues of norm-development within the UN, including the cybercrime convention negotiations; the use of foreign policy instruments such as the EU cyber diplomacy toolbox; or the necessary protection of human rights as against State security activities.

There will be two main discussions devoted, respectively, to background international law issues and sectorial issues regarding cybersecurity. Both discussions will be preceded by key lectures where leading academics in this field will present their views on the issue. Invited keynote speakers include Karine Bannelier (University Grenoble-Alpes), Przemysław Roguski (Jagiellonian University), Scott Shackelford (Indiana University), and Nicholas Tsagourias (University of Sheffield).

After the key lectures, those papers selected from the call for papers will be briefly presented by the authors. A debate will follow these presentations, moderated by the organizers.

II. Submission Procedure and Instructions

Paper proposals must be submitted by 16 October 2023 via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. in accordance with the following instructions.

Please write ‘Granada Conference 2023 CfP’ in the subject of the email, followed by ‘paper proposal’, and then the subfield of Cybersecurity which should be one of the following: ‘horizontal’ or ‘sectorial’.

Paper proposals should include a cover e-mail with full institutional affiliation and contact details of the proposer, and a word attachment with an abstract of no longer than 600 words. The abstract must not include any details identifying the proposer but should contain the title of the paper, along with a line indicating ‘horizontal’ or ‘sectorial’.

The conference committee anticipates announcing the results of this call for papers by 30 October 2023.

Conference papers will be made available to conference participants prior to the conference. Accepted papers must be submitted by 20 November 2023 to ensure the dissemination of papers among conference attendees.

III. Conference Fees, Costs and Financial Support

All conference participants must cover their own travel, accommodation, and attendance costs.

Conference fees:

  • Regular: 100 Euros
  • Student: 20 Euros


Please submit enquiries to the Conference organizers: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

IV. About the Conference organizers

The Research Project “Public regulation of security in cyberspace” (TED2021-131610B-I00) is funded by the Spanish National Research Agency and developed within the Public International Law Department at the University of Granada.

Conference Chair

Antonio Segura-Serrano
Professor of International Law and European Law

University of Granada




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