International Conference "International Security in Cyberspace"

Granada, 30 November - 1 December 2023




8:30 h. Registration

9:00 h. Opening Speech

9:30 h. Professor Przemysław Roguski, Jagiellonian University, “Sovereignty in the digital age”.

11:00 h. Coffee Break

11:30 h. Professor Gloria Fernández Arribas, University of Pablo de Olavide, “Cyber-interference in electoral processes and the principle of non-intervention”.

13:00 h. Lunch

14:30 h. PANEL 1 – Use of force and non-intervention

- Denitza Petrounova, University of Vienna, “Cyber-attacks against space assets: Self-defence at a crossroads”.
- Kiss Mátyás, University of Pécs, “Cyber operations in light of the prohibition of intervention”.

16:00 h. Coffee Break

16:30 h. PANEL 2 – Cyber Defense and Cyber Espionage

- Lucas J. Ruiz Díaz, University of Granada, “The EU and Cyber Defence: are Member States ready for the next stage in the construction of the Europe of Defence?”
- Joséphine Sangare, University of Glasgow, “The Malabo Convention and Public-Private Partnerships – A New Route to Due Diligence?”

19:30 h. Social dinner



9:00 h. Professor Nicholas Tsagourias, University of Sheffield, “The peaceful settlement of international cyber disputes”.

10:00h. Professor Karine Bannelier, University Grenoble-Alpes, “Towards a United Nations Convention Against cybercrime? A First Assessment After Almost Two Years of Negotiations”

11:00 h. Coffee Break

11:30 h. Professor Scott Shackelford, Indiana University, “Proactive Cybersecurity”.

13:00 h. Lunch

14:30 h. PANEL 3 – Cyber Security and IHL

- Professor Raquel Regueiro Dubra, Complutense University of Madrid, "Security breaches and International Humanitarian Law: The challenge of human control for international responsibility”.
- Giacomo Biggio, University of Bristol Law School, “Regulating Non-Kinetic effects of cyber operation under International Humanitarian Law: the “Loss of Functionality” aprproach and its implications for international Cyber Security”.

16:00 h. Coffee Break

16:30 h. PANEL 4 – Cyber Security and the role of the European Union

- Juan Jorge Piernas López, University of Murcia, “The contribution of the European Union to International Law on cybersecurity: the case of collective countermeasures and the due diligence principle”.
- Giulia Gabrielli, University of Milan, “The UN Cybersecurity Diplomatic Initiatives and the Role of EU Member States”.

17:30 h. Closing Address

University of Granada




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